Old-fashioned machines in the brand-new types conquer the market. A few words about the nowadays trends.

On the secondary market it’s tought to that much known automobile like the BMW E36. Sadly, truly hard is to purchase model manufactured in the 90s. The 3-generation Series in a good and original condition. Watching many of advertisements, you can quickly become dishearten, because a lot of autos are very used, you should notice a mark unprofessional fixes are often tuned (not necessarily tasteful), and a huge part of the petrol type has gas modification, which typically resulted in longer motor to the worse condition.

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New versions are equipped with BMW apps which continuously watch the condition of the automobile. It is important that also in inexpensive way to transfer that data to the driver. Here are many ways of contact. Truly good answer is nbt retrofit, that clearly can be seen the info on the screen. Just a couple years a biger share of imported vehicles are damaged automobiles, but their defect, in turn, are badly high mileage – a way bigger than the one presently appearing on the counters! When you try to buy a fine threesome with a powerful engine, we need to spend at least 10 thousand PLN and stay calm. Looking for safed copy may take months, during which happens to a couple of annoying visits to the sellers, which believe that the over 10-year-old machine in perfect condition is one that fires and could go on their posses, have a little thing like that, that all of the body parts wearing kilos of putty, is for them negligible trifle. Besides problems of serviceableness among BMW apps have also a few that can to please the trip. Music players or navigation let you to enjoy the trip and not be scared about the problems on the road. All that can be monitored via the NBT retrofit.


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Unfortunately, in terms of firmness it can’t be so largly valued. First of all, users and experts draw attention to 2 important issues. They refer software parts: power and cooling. The most standard diseases that first is the fails of the injection pomp. If the pomp requires just seals the repair value shouldn’t exceed 1000 PLN, the full regeneration will constantly be greatly more costly (the purchase of a brand-new pump will value 5460 PLN). To sum up – Although moments passes inexorably, the BMW 3 Series E36 still is greatly popular in the secondary market.

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