Some drawbacks of quick technological advancement and how to mitigate them

In the modern times people tend to live in an environment full of various appliances. The solutions that are indeed ingenious are being created in front of our eyes.


Autor: Cajsa Lilliehook
Some things become very desirable – there are cases that nearly everyone wills to buy this particular thing.

It is difficult to imagine the way all these things around are manufactured – which process is used where. In modern ventures the complex machines like engines are put together from components to the final shape in just a few hours. Robotisation is an important point. Due to it, manufacturing can be accomplished quickly and more effectively. Some people wonder how it is translated into quality. Most manufacturers mind it and they carry out thorough quality tests on various stages. For chosen solutions, for example medical devices, the high quality is a most important aspect which decides if the product can be released to market or not. Nevertheless, the surplus of all the items and the fact that we exist in a consumption world cause side-production of heaps of litter. The popularity of plastic containers, wrappings and other packagings contributes to the pollution of our surroundings. The awareness of this can mitigate it and encourage people to activities like energy-saving or purchasing more ecological products.
Fortunately, people know more and more about the hazards for our planet.

It raises a hope that our planet is not so threatened. The technological evolution is a fact that will not be denied, but it should be carried out with the compliance of strict guidelines.

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