Android system progress and its rough origins

Android is nowadays the prevailing competitor in the mobile OS market. The Google mobile system is nowadays an undisputed authority that is getting increasingly more resolute not solely in mobile gadgets.

It also goes to televisions (as Android TV). Nonetheless, it has not always been like this.

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Very often the name „Android” is only pointed out in relation with Google. The search engine colossus had and has lots in common with the most universal mobile software in the world, but it is not the only institution that is responsible for the progress of this system. Entitling Android system made solely by Google is so improper that neither Google came up with this product, nor is it the only company influencing the expansion of this software. Currently, Android is literally a solution of a huge business alliance with the Open Handset Alliance. Moreover, this alliance was not arranged just yesterday but it accompanies the Android development from the start of its market path. Simultaneously, it should be recognized that this alliance is responsible not solely for the progress of the Android system, but also for many other solutions and technologies that have changed the look of modern civilization. In October 2008, the first variant of Android software was ready. It was evident, however, that it was hopeless to present a new mobile system in segregation from the devices on which it would operate.

Even though nowadays it may seem practically unbelievable, then Google encountered a lot of issues finding partners willing to help in the field of offering equipment working under the control of Android.

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