Entertainment right after they come back home – what we like to do?

Now increasingly individuals work long hours. It is nothing weird that most of them searches an entertainment right after they come back home. Tonight will be presented two ways of entertainment and the comparison. Those 2 kinds are: books and television. The 2 ways of relaxing are fully various and posses their enthusiasts and opponents.


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The first way of amusement is a book. It is 1 of the oldest ways of making people laughing, scary and encourage. Even at present, in 21st c. mother and father read stories to their children earlier than they go to bed. In several buildings it is a habit which does not end soon. Books posses a lot of bright sides. They teach about proper and improper behave, they educate and show life, teach proper spelling of words and what is the most important, reading books can be an enjoyment.

While reading a book, you are able to picture how the main character looks like, how high he/she is and how beautiful or handsome she or he is. It all depends on your fantasy. However, reading books are able to have its drawbacks. If you reading in a dark space and you use wrong light you can damage your sight. However, it does not take place frequently, and people harm their sight much more over and over again because of seeing TV than reading books.

Other minus of the reading books are able to be very extended descriptions of areas and characters. There are books where here are very little chat and much more pictures. Nevertheless, it all depends on person who reads; some an individual who reads like detailed description of the action areas. On the different hand there is a film. Movie is simple and can be seen by everybody. Furthermore, there are progressively movies which do not bring anything to think after watching the motion picture. In lots cases, playwright frequently uses the books to create a script. However, the person present his or her own interpretation of the book and in lots cases makes it easier.

Those 2 ways of entertainment showed in the text has proved that entertainment does not have only 1 faces. Which face will you select? – the choice is up to you.

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