All you need to know before sitting EQE

It is amidst the most challenging professional examinations. If you are going to take EQE (European Qualifying Examination), you are possibly aware of it.

In case you’re not or you need to verify your proficiency, you will find this article practical.
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EQE is required to be passed by anyone wanting to become a European Patent Attorney. As you could already realize, a patent attorney concentrates on helping his clients receive patents and deal with their transgressions. Generally, he is an intellectual property law expert. However becoming one is connected with a lot of effort and the outcome is verified during the cited exam. There are a few details you have to be familiar with.

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As mentioned on a crucial condition that allows you to take the EQE is getting a university diploma. This needs to be in science or technology. After that, you are about to work in the European patent profession for three years. During that time you have to be overlooked by a capable professional. Next you are recquired to sit a pre-examination paper. If you succeed, you are allowed to try passing EQE. It consists of writing four essays.
There are numerous possibilities if you need to get prepared for the exam. Lots of potential European Patent Attorneys use programs created by epi (patentepi.

com): the „epi tutorial”, mock EQEs or an online training. If you pick the first offer, you will be granted a tutor and evaluation of your work. Good luck!

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