Greatest tourist destinations in the time of low season

The most famous months to travel for holidays is July and August. Nothing odd in that, because kids in school has their holiday break and adults are taking them to some fine destination. But sometimes it is very hard thing to get a week off at work, especially if you decide it in a last moment. But if you have no opportunity to go for your holiday during hot season, don’t be worried. There are many places where you may travel in September or maybe October, and it will be even better for you, also when you wish to spend on a beach all day long.

In the Southern area of Europe, summer is a lot longer then in Poland. That is the reason why flights to Croatia are offered also in September. A lot of Polish travelers are choosing this term because of many of reasons. First – it is a lot simpler to have a week of at work, and if you have no kids, it should not be an issue for you (check more). Also, the weather is still fantastic, but it is not so hot, it is important mainly for people with heart problems. Third – it is much more cheaper – flights to Croatia costs about two times less, the similar is with



accommodation. Beside, there are a lot less travelers on the beach and this is important for a lot of people. And is Croatia even worth to be seen? Of course. Perhaps it does not have so much monuments like Greece. But if you are a fan of ancient structures, you need to visit Pula or Split. Beside, this is a true paradise for divers, cause water is very transparent. And you don’t must to have your oxygen bottle with you – you may rent everything in nearest diving center.

Another attractive area, which would be the greatest in September or even in October, will be the Middle East. This desert area is a lot more suitable this term, especially for Polish people, who


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are not get use to warm, dry atmosphere. You are planning to visit an Israel? No problem, cause there are many of interesting options for flights from Warsaw to Tel Aviv. Especially in October (read this page). The nice temperature is really important in this country, because most of the tourist are wanting to explore some monuments. And it is very hard to enjoy biblical civilization with Forty degree Celsius outside. So when you like to have a tour around the district of three religions, you must book your tickets for Autumn. It should still be all right to spend plenty of time at the beach – and the Israel is know for nice conditions in Hajfa. When you like to buy any tickets from Poland, you better book flights from Warsaw to Tel Aviv, is the cheapest. This capital is also nice tourist destination, especially for people, who known country only by the heritages. Also, it is located really near to the Jerusalem, so you shouldn’t have any problem to go to the Holy Land.

You are getting a hard times to get a week off in the time of hot season in your office? Do not be afraid. Also in October, you may still have a fantastic time in countries much more hotter then Poland. If you are searching for some place to chill out and recharge the batteries, Croatia will be the best. But when you like to visit some interesting country with big history, Israel will be the best for you.

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