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Music is a love and a hobby of many individuals around the world. It is nothing shocked that beside hearing to songs they also enjoy to participate in various competitions and quizzes connected with songs.

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There are television programs regarding music quizzes which are very fashionable nowadays. What is more, at this time, everybody can join in such video games thanks to different music games which are available on the Internet for absolutely free.

Here are also various games developed for tablet pcs and smartphones’ users. They are very effortless to play and it can be an excellent method of spending the free time.
The text will demonstrate two video games which have become very popular and obtain many of downloads. They are ‘Guess the song’ and ‘Music piano’.
The 1st music game that will be described is ‘Guess the song’. It is a free application right for Android program. It is available at Google shop where can be easily got.
The goal of the game is guessing the title of the song or the name of the vocalist or the group. The player possess thirty seconds to provide the right reply. If the player gives 3 great answers consecutively, here is provided a bonus. While the game is cost-free of charges, the player can pay for unlocking some degrees.


Autor: Martin Fisch
The game is divided into appropriate degrees which the player can pick. The levels include songs types such as pop, rock but some groups are dedicated to only one period in music, for illustration 1990s.
The 2nd game which is worth checking is named ‘Music piano’. It is a online game dedicated to all songs lovers who enjoy playing the guitar, and for those who would like to be pianists for some time.
The game is quite very easy. The virtual ‘pianist’ starts the adventure with the instrument from simple songs which can be performed using 1 thumb. Later, if the user gets more advanced, the tracks are more demanding and require to use all fingers. Furthermore, some tracks can be also sung by the professionals while you are playing the cello. It is very interesting game which give you the chance to be someone else for a moment.

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