Nowadays I know that driving a car might be fun if you use the newste technology!

Last Monday I have had an opportunity to drive a vehicle of my colleague. I normally don’t drive. I own a driving licence. However, I don’t even have a vehicle. I simply didn’t find it enjoyable or worth. I usually rather thought of this as some kind of duty, not as something that could bring also a joy. A short time ago, just after mentioned ride, I completely changed my opinion! These days, I think that it could be an amazing experience. I possibly changed my opinion thanks to the two gadgets I was using while driving.


Autor: Robert Anders
To get started with, the vehivle had bmw combox. You don’t know what it is? Don’t be upset. A while ago I hadn’t known about this neither. However,that is something so great that it is useful to be knw it exists. I would try to present it by the following way. Have you flied 1 of this really modern plane? In this kind of planes, each passenger has a screen on which they can choose the music, play some game and even watch favourite series. And a combox looked quite similar. On the screen I can choose between various multimedia and radio. I can also choose a navigation option. I can even use the internet. Can you imagine that? That was like a laptop installed just on the front of a car! You might possibly think that I lie. I would like to make it certain that I don’t. I can even connect that combox with an external devices. It can be done directly or via a Bluetooth! This is pretty impressive, isn’t it?


Autor: Alexander Nie
Additionally, I was showed how to use a parking assistance with bmw surround view system. Because of such, surround view camera I could see my as from bird’s-eye view. I was able to see the space and possible obstacles not just in front of my vehicle, but also in the back as well as on both sides. Right after I have started this function, a system showed all items right next to my car. I was able obviously see all of that on the screen. The function even inform me when I was supposed to turn on a turn-signal! Later, the information appeared on a screen. It said that I need to engage reverse gear as well as remove hands from the steering wheel When I executed this command, the steering wheel began to spin itself! It was awesome. Nevertheless, we still have tokeep in mind that it is not more than a machine. We still should double-check that there are no pedestrians behind the car.

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