The most meaningful properties and the kinds of containers, used in pharmaceutical industry

Packaging industry represents a huge part of manufacturing business. Numerous materials are used in that area. But in case of drugs, these materials have to comply special requirements – this will guarantee the proper life-span of all active substances.
Security above all
Plastics and glass that are applied ought to not react with drugs’ components.

These packagings also secure from light, because ultraviolet light can influence some photosensitive elements inside the tablets. That is why some drugs are available in bottles that are not fully clear, but are made of brown glass. The another factor, that should be minimized is humidity. The packaging has to be watertight. This will forestall the permeation of the humidity from the outside into the pills. The other significant issue is the mechanical protection. Tablets cannot become crumbled or destroyed in transport.

Not only polymers and glass
Blisters produced from thermoformed polymer are popular in Europe – lots of tablets and pellets are packed into them. In North America plastic bottles are more popular. But pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers takes advantage of a broad variety of another materials. Blisters are often put into paperboard boxes. In them, besides pills, a sick person can find a package brochure, so big quantity of paper is used here as well. Some gels and balms are sold in the the aluminium tubes.

Cutting-edge techniques are applied for manufacturing of this kind of packagings. Manufacturers apply a lot of materials. They follow GMP to ascertain that the packagings are fully safe and functional.

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