Methods of helping pauper people all over the world – companies, money and charity

IT companies earn more and more dollars. The Microsoft owner Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest people on the planet. A part of his money is spend on developing the firm possibilities, nevertheles a big part of that money go to the poor people. There are two sort of rich people: there are some who are just rich and some who are sharing their money and attempt to help other people. Many millionaires give a part of their income on charity or they have created their own charity funds.

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Chiefs of many firms do such things, it doesn’t matter what kind of business that person runs, it can be a software development company (here is an example) or a baker’s shop. Singers, Mark Zuckerberg, Angelina Jolie and many others spend money and make themselves involved in voluntary organisations. Angelina Jolie not only help with charity actions, but also is a goodwill ambassador, she visits countries all around the Earth and fight for human rights and learn people. That type of famous person help is very important, because it shows many people that there exists big difficulties on the world which need to be discused and whether you are a chief of a software development company or a ordinary worker you can donate a part of your earnings for a charity organisation.

These fund work with poor, unhealthy and hurt people, they bring some faith into their existance, however first of all they learn them how to manage with difficulties, how to find a nice job and tried to exist with honor. Large organisations (mines, IT corporations, oil companies) which take a lot of worlds resources and people can donate a part of their money to charitable organisations, because they have to not only increase their capital, but also make our world a different space.

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Not only is this an outstanding thing to do, but also is this an interesting way of promoting firmscompanies. Money should be a method to achieve an aim not the aim itself. a large nimber of corporations support charity actions or they opened own fondation, but the needs of poor people are still increasing, we need to notice it.

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