New cars and their equipment – interesting things to purchase and install –new possibilities and their impact on buyers

Now we have a lot of technological devices in our cars. Various digital equipment support us in driving and orientation and of ‘course they give us fun. A lot of them are usual standard in our cars.

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In BMW corporatinon there are many fantastic devices like BMW surround view, BMW combox or brand new satellite radio retrofit, but everyday scientists and designers are inventing and installing something brand new and completely different. A good vehicle not only is fast and dependable, but also full of today’s or even future devices. BMW surround view is extremely supporting in driving the car and satellite radio retrofit give us an opportunity to listen to any radio station we want and what does matter we can listen to programs in a large number of languages. It is as well an opportunity to get to know and practice speaking at many levels in your private car. All of these nowadays’ devices work with mobiles and naturally they have to have an Global Web connection. Using modern technology common buyer may have got his private office in his own or firm car. a large number of companies use the Internet to communicate with their business partners or white-collar workers while travelling. It is convenient and very handy.

However it may be problematic for people who just have started their professional life and they are used to act in definite surrounding (with a common desk and a computer). Nowadays, thanks to the Web and high quality devices we can work in any space and around the clock (naturally if we have got an Internet connection), it create an opportunity to work in our houses, but as well our time in work have been longer, we are now available 24/7 and it is bad for our physical and mental health.


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BMW combox or BMW surround view are brilliant devices, nevertheless we must remember that in our new , modern car we can go not only to our firm, but as well on holidays. New devices give as freedom, but as well they take lots of our time. It is good to have knowledge about new technologies, but also we need to have time for our friends and kids.

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