Bavarian Motor Works cars – the story of the business and plans for the future.

Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works or only BMW is a the most recognisable brand name and in the next year is going to be a hundred years since the firm foundation.
BMW from the very begining have made powerful vehicles, it was a cause of passion for a large number of vechicle admirers, but for many years they were available just for chosen ones.

Today Bavarian Motor Works is one of the the greatest comfortable vehicles producer in Europe, and its historical connections with the corporation Roll-Roys Motor Cars only make stronger the company position. The most powerful advantage of this firms were talented
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engineers who had created great engines and good managers who lead the company through the bad times like the World War II. The time of two worlds wars was simultaneously good and hard for the BMW, good because the company invented and tested many fabulous devices, bad because after war ending came the crisis.

After years of hard work ) (specially thanks to work of Eberhard von Kuenheim the Bavarian Motor Works have opened many factories in Africa, the Unitet States of America and tried to fight for their market. Now BMW Bavarian Motor Works corporation produce not only solid vehicles but as well many electronic devices which are connected with vehicles, like apps and equipment such as lets say BMW rear view camera. BMW rear view camera is helpful while parking and checking the way in the back of the vehicle. BMW apps support user with controlling the vehicle by remote control panel (some of them could lock the car only by the connection with the Internet). Another fantastic device is a BMW vin decoder it is a sort of browser which support checking the past of a car. BMW vin decoder is very handy when we like to be sure if the vehicle which we wanted to buy is legally transported to the country - see more.

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Front PDC for BMW – solution that are likely to protect us from problems while parking our car

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Parking an automobile is for a lot of inexperienced people a diverse task. It is referred to the fact that, above all, we don’t see everything all around us properly. Thus, there is always a probability that something is possible to either come in the close neighbourhood of our automobile or there would be something so small that we wouldn’t be likely to see it clearly.

There are more other devices which are produced by BMW corporation, however it must be admitted that new technological inventions are just an addition to the main manufacturing line.
It is believed that the firm will be constatly strongly developing and it will make a modern fashionable line of vehicles and after next 100 years it will be more popular than it is now - .
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