Simple and fast way to insulate Your house

In every larger city in Poland there's plenty of old mansions, build in past centuries. There're really sophisticated, but unluckily houses constructed with bricks after few decades have plenty of holes, therefore in time of winter costs of heating could be really huge.

But nowadays we got plenty of options to insulate surfaces of our flat fast and simple.

When You're tired of huge bills You are spending on heating, You need to invest some cash on silicone render. That is sort of fabric which is great to insulate the walls, quick and simple. It works with a dedicated sort of foam, that is protecting every wall from loosing the heat, but it let it "breath". Those two products You are able to find in every store with overhaul's stuff. It goes in different models, choose one which will be perfect in Your apartment. If You are not good in jobs this kind, You better hire some professional team which will aid You with this task.

silicone render
Prepared by: Kasya Shahovskaya
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Whole process isn't very complicated, but it requires some time. Before You lay silicone render, first You've to wash whole surface, either make sure that plaster doesn't got any holes, if so You've to cover it. Another step is to lay render on entire surface, abide until it dry out and then lay special glue. Another step is to cover entire wall with foam then put the plaster on it. Of course, now You have to repaint Your apartment, but You don't have to be afraid about Your heating bills anymore.

Living in a old, sophisticated flat is very great, but not in time of winter, when it's cold outside and interior is becoming cold because of porous walls. That is why You need to invest in some silicone render to protect whole house and safe some money on heating expenditures.
2018/06/18, 12:19
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