Travel trough Silk Road for a penny

Many of Polish inhabitants are using cheap airline firms to fly for holidays every year. Nothing surprising in this, cause that is really attractive option. Since 2017, those companies are providing another connection, now you are able to fly to central Asia.

This could be very nice experience, mainly if you have never visited this area earlier.

This is great option to use Silk Road tour. It's a cruise that would guide us trough whole middle of Asia. On each stop, we'll be able to visit any interesting attractions. And those are plenty in this area. In Kazakhstan, you can observe national park, with the largest canyon in entire Asia. Turkmenistan is a place with amazing capital, that is filled with interesting architecture - it's a mix of Arabic temples, hi-tech skyscrapers and social realism mansions. Beside, don't miss Aral Sea, former large lake, now it is shrinking every year, a lot of wracks of vessels can be noticed on the desert.

But how to start Silk Road tour from Poland? First of all, you've to book tickets from Warsaw to Astana for example. To find the best deal, you've to do that six months ahead. Beside, if you like to travel even more economical, you should not bring checked in baggage with you. At start, it is payable option, and second, it won't be convenient to travel from city to city with a lot of valises. That is why, carry on would be enough for you. And do not be worry about accommodation. Cause in present times you're able to book apartment online, with international website.

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Silk Road tour should be very interesting experience, especially for voyagers, who likes to enjoy plenty of attractions in time of one trip.

It won't be very expensive when you prepare yourself early enough. Central Asia's countries are far cheaper then Poland, and little airline carriers are offering tickets in attractive prize.
2020/12/03, 10:16
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