Entering the Russian market: which factors are important before that step is taken?

Russian Federation is a meaningful country on the economic map of the world. That is why a lot of lands want to export some of their products there. But they have to know that in Russian Federation other standards are in operation.

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The GOST-R derives from the regulations that were proposed years ago in the USSR. After the decision about introducing the product into eastern market, the first issue is to find out, if that thing complies with the obligatory certification proceedings. It refers to the medical, electronic and other products that deal with someone’s security. It is the greatest segment of all the products that are available in the area of Russia. GOST certification can be obtained for mass manufacturing or only a series of a given product. Another version of that certificate is not mandatory, but is useful in case the security criteria are imprecise or not given. To finalise it, the appropriate documents have to be collected and delivered to the accredited institution. Many businesses choose to pass the certification process to expand to eastern countries. They know that it is truly profitable. Even though the process is connected with some tedious tasks, it is practical to try – chiefly that there exist the people who can help throughout the GOST certification process. The enterprise does not need to perform it totally on its own.

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Have you previously thought about how numerous years the professionals need to present the drug on the market?

IT is easy to understand which you haven't.

To start selling products in Russia, some formal proceedings need to be fulfilled. Due to that, the export can be expanded to one more country – the big land. It can increase the overall income in a visible way.
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