Insulating the elevation: does it make sense?

In many lands, it is difficult to picture the winter without heating at home. Sadly, many persons admit that heating costs are very big.

The first solution is to put on three layers of clothes at home. But a better way to solve that issue and reduce the heating bills is external wall insulation. naturally it is not needed in every case.

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In which situation is it needed?

Many age-old buildings are badly insulated. Nowadays, constructions normally incorporate insulation, but some years ago it was not that obvious. Before using the appropriate material, the special expertise should be conducted. The technicians can check which walls should be taken into consideration and how big the loss of warmth is.

Which approach to pick?

Next, the materials must be bought. The most popular are polystyrene foam and mineral wool. The decision ought to be discussed with the firm that installs the insulation. Generally, wool has good acoustic insulation and because of that it can be applied in loud areas. It has higher fire resistance too. Polystyrene has smaller wettability. These two materials are rather low cost. As expected there are other alternatives, for example polyurethane foam, but they are more expensive.

external wall insulation
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What are the main assets?

First of all, it enhances the comfort of everyday living. After external wall insulation is installed, there is no need to heat so strongly or stay in thick clothes to feel not cold. Next, the heating charges decline.

After several years it becomes apparent that this decision had been reasonable.

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Finally, the house facade looks refreshed and more aesthetic. What else could anyone wish?
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