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Nowadays, a lot of citizens from Poland are traveling all around the planet. We are spending the vacations of our lives in Thailand, going to the school in Italy, or visiting friends in United Kingdom. Also, some of us are laboring abroad. Even if it is legal full-time job, you won't get dental treatment totally for free such as in our country. In Belgium and UK also if you got exclusive medical insurance, you need plenty of cash to do it.So what to do when you have to get dental implants abroad, in United Kingdom for instance? And what with children?

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In Belgium medical care is really costly, mostly when you do not have any type of insurance. To get access to the free treatment, you need to go to the civil welfare, and if you get lucky, you should get card for free medical treatments. But unfortunately, you must to be out of work for many months. When you have a job, you settle up your insurance with it. (http://dentalcornerwelcome.eu/patient-zone/wroclaw-nice-place-to-visit/) But even so, you still must to pay plenty - comparing with the Polish standards. For example dental implants abroad in Brussels cost exactly three times more then in our country. But you may always go to the Polish specialist - plenty of them has their practice in Belgium. They are much more cheaper, and will understand you really fine.

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