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Summer is pretty much over and it is the great time to look closer at the hotel industry which has its golden moment during summertime breaks. Lots of men and women visit resorts, boarding properties and motels every year. Many of them are interested about the excellence of the hotel areas and the accommodations. The hotels normally own stars which show how deluxe the motel is. Here are generally 5 stars which represent different standards. Many of the resort rankings are:

Prepared by: Familjen Helsingborg
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1 star – it is known as ‘tourist’ classification. What can the vacationers look forward to from the motel and hotel room? The spaces always have the shower or bath and of course here is also a WC. Here is also available soap or body wash in bathroom. When it goes to the area – the area is furnished with desk, sofa and colour TV with remote control. The area is polished daily. What is more, the tourists have the constant access to the reception service, breakfasts and here is also a deposit opportunity.

2 stars – It is characterized as a ‘traditional’ group. It offers the same requirements as single star hotels but there are available some further improvements such as breakfast buffet and the chance to pay for the visit by the credit card. In hotel rooms are offered bath towels, linen shelves, reading lamp close to bed and sanitary goods (such as toothpaste, toothbrush and others) in toilet.
Three stars – the types of accommodations are named ‘comfort’. They give every benefit which is found in two or one star resort. Nevertheless, the extra star means that the hotel gives additional services and resort room improvements. In the hotel room, the traveller will see refreshments in the fridge, phone on the table and reach to the Internet. What is more, here is also included sewing kit and shoe polish utensils which are quite needed while business travels.

hotel room
Prepared by: Guillaume Speurt
Taken from: http://www.flickr.com
As it may be noticed, each resort star represents different standards. Before you go on vacation, it is worth to test what to expect in the provided hotel.
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