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Twenty-first century is moment in time of electronic items. Each of us posseses some of them at home. Individuals get used to have them and apply them as often as they are able to. Some famous electronic items are: cameras, mobile phones, PCs and televisions.

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Today, in this text will be described an electronic device which has changed the amusement of individuals and which was a part of daily life of millions of people worldwide. The item is television, which is frequently called: TV, telly and tube.

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Right now, most part of our daily activities is affordable to be finished online. We're laboring online, playing games, chatting with colleagues and watching TV programs.

Inventing television was a point of time consuming and difficult activity. There were few creators which works created 1 electronic items – named television. The first creator was an American inventor named William Crookers who was invented vacuum tube in 1878. Later his item was developed and in the end here was made a TV set.

The 1st show was in 1929, when English television (at present famous) BBC began to transmit a 1st show. Nevertheless, it was not a regular broadcast, it was an test which targets was checking the quality of transmited image and sound. Finally, in 1936 BBC began to air different programs frequently. The 1st television seat in the United Kingdom was located in Alexandra Palace in Birmingham. The just minus of the first TV was its shades and strictly speaking – the lack of shades. The first television broadcasted shows just in the colors – black and white.

Nonetheless, after many years, in 1940, the scientists from United States, began to manufacture TV sets which presents plenty colors of shows. It is clear that the colors were not as clear as they are at the moment, but it was a big achievement.

Furthermore, companies which were connected with the television business has started to invent and manufacture extra items which be parts of television. A brilliant instance is able to be video cassette recorder which was made in 1956 by corporation from California – Ampex Business. From that year, people could not just to watch television, but also record their most wanted shows.

Tonight, in each home there are at least 2 television sets. They do not cost much and still they offer news bulletin and amusement.
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