What are the sales channels?

Trade is very essential in our life. You can be in opposition to trade and its features but you as a consumer are involved in it. This text will give many standard information what is retail and why it is named the final part of trade.

Shopping is the last link in the supply channel that connects the producers and the shoppers. Selling provides different items manufactured by another manufacturers and offers them in the most convenient places for people.
The forms of retail:
• Stationary trade – it contains houses forever located in a particular place, which are usually accessible to the users in a given time. It provides the consumer a constant chance to do shopping in 1 destination - the client accustoms to the location and benefits the confidence in the quality of products.
• large area trade – they are department storehouse, supermarkets, hypermarkets and cash & carry
• commerce shops – they are universal shops, food shops, industry stores.
• Mobile trade – it reaches the shoppers anywhere it is convenient for the client. The customer chooses the given time and place. The slogan of this kind of trade is "store comes to the customer." It can be divided into:
street trading
• Mail order – this type of trade offers products "at a distance", it enables convenient buying items. The consumer can place the order at whatever day of the week and time. The most significant benefits are: decreasing time and money.
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