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The starting of new year constantly gives many options to buy the vehicle in a very good price. Nevertheless, it is value to take notice at every offer and test each facts about the car. There are lots of basic components available in the car such as air-condition and the radio but contemporary car and present individual wants something more than the wheel, gas, brake and clutch pedal. The modern automobile need to be equipped with plenty electronics gadgets which will help to better the pleasure of driving and it will make the trip enjoyable for the travellers.

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1 of the company which recognizes well the requirements and needs of contemporary users is french car company, BMW. BMW develops vehicles from the future. The automobiles which are produced in west part in Germany, ought to be very practical and equipped with lots of devices which will assist the BMW’s drivers in being out of normal.

1 of the devices are bmw apps and cic retrofit - large selection of. Retrofit is full navigation system which will help each owner to reach his or her location place.
The CIC navigation is an advance navigation which have lots of useful functions and benefits like:
The main device is equipped with 80GB and HDD is based with the newest updates – it will let to upload any road maps the owners require.

• Huge screen (8,8 inches) – the customers will be able to observe the route clearly. Moreover, the navigation can be also applied as the video player which can be very practical in long trips and with children.

• The tool can be controlled using the driver’s voice – it is really practical and secure because the car holder does not need concentrate on the product instead of driving. What is more, it is the advancement which can be found just in those navigation systems which mark the top excellence of BMW cars.

• Numerous words to select from – the BMW autos can be located in pretty much each corner of the planet, so it is relevant to organize the equipment which will be useful in different places than English-speaking.
2020/02/28, 07:40
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