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The starting of the school year is a great opportunity to start some new hobby which will make you in shape and offer a lot of fun in the same time. There are lots various sports which can be completed even by people who do not like sports much. 1 of the exercises is undoubtedly fencing.
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Fencing is an Olympics field since 1896. Fencing is a type of martial arts where two individuals combat each other. They apply unique swords so it creates the sport dangerous. Nevertheless, it can be rather protected when the sports individuals wear special outfit which are necessary in the sport.

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Living in a hurry is a problem a variety of people contemporarily face. It is connected with the fact that, Firstly, great percentage of people tend to think that they are overwhelmed with various activities that need to be done and nothing cannot be omitted.

The clothing are made up of few elements, which include:

• Form – it is a suitable jacket with strap which is placed between the legs. It is the first outfit which is used by the competitors.
• Sous – plastron – it is wear underneath the coat. It gives double protection.
Gloves – the most important glove is this which keeps the gun.
• Breeches – they are special trousers which guard legs.
• Footwear – they are chiefly flat shoes and they are designed to be very comfy.
• Mask – it is the most important protection, it covers face and neck.
• Plastic woman chest protector – it is put on by female challengers.

If you are thinking about the sport and you want to test to be a fencer, you must enroll in one of fencing clubs London - go to The club arranges the classes for everyone aged between sixteen and seventy. The lessons are right for ladies and guys and it also does not matter if you are right or left handed! Each class is
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performed by professional instructor who is a pro, talented and very skilled competitor.

The fence lessons in teams occur every day from mon to Friday from 6pm – 8pm and on Saturdays are organized special seminars where the fencers can improve their abilities. The Weekend training begins at 12pm and completes at 3pm. It is also an opportunity to participate in specific course which is arranged separately with the fencer and the instructor.
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