What to do to sell goods in Russia? Check it

Nowadays, plenty of Polish businessmen are collaborating with foreign companies. We are buying their goods, to use it for a part of our own work. Sometimes, we are hiring any experts from this outsourcing companies. But a lot of moments, Polish investors are trying to sell their goods outside our borders. We are offering machines,factory's elements to the Spanish or English buyers. We've no issue with it, because Poland is part of EU after all. And what if we wish to distribute the same items in Russia?
If we like to do so, first it is better to get GOST certification. This kind of quality is use just in there, and it was created by their government. Some of the items, mainly technical, like factory's supply for example, before enter the Russian land, must to be checked. Also, buyers in this place trust in GOST Russia very well, that's why, even if each item could be sell in there without tests, they wouldn't purchase it anyway, as long as you get this certification - gost. So nicest for you, is to do it regardless, just to make certain, that your product will be popular in there. Surely, it's not for free, and it cost us a lot of efforts, but it is worth it. You have two different options to get it.

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First, you could arrange it on your own. To get GOST certification (Certification Quality Conformity), you need to ask for it dedicated department. Then, they will give you a status A or B. A is for items, that need to be tested, second is for volunteers. Next, you will need to gather a lot of papers, any other certificates and information about any item you like to distribute. At the end, you have to bring each type of supply to the dedicated laboratory, cause you have to check it in this country. But if you do not have a lot of time for this, you can hire a professional team. There are plenty of different firms, which are skilled enough to get you GOST Russia, quick and easy. Each of this firms you can localize in browser, there are plenty of it. Your entire job should be to inscribe a permission to them, to act in your behalf. And within several weeks, you will get your certification.
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