How to safely ride around the manicipality? Which are the greatest localizations to ride a bike?

Driving by the roads on a bicycle in typical traffic is not at all hard. It should, by the way, know some universal principles and tips which are likely to help you easily reach your destination.
What if at the beginning you should explain a few things - first you have to make it clear that riding on the road in many situations it is compulsory for the rider.

There is absolutely no malice towards bike users or even more car owners. The cycle is a automobile and the location of that machine is on the street. If cycling is not a marked cycle route are recommended to go exactly as cars. Woman or mens city bikes are so popular and the streets are very diverse. Otherwise it goes to one-way road in the manicipality center or a dual carriageway city thoroughfare with 6 paths or alley between one-family houses, and even otherwise likely-looking alley in another part of city. The basis is that the manner to move in a typical and reliable. It is a commonplace to say that you should not drive like a boozer, but in practice with entrant is with this in miscellaneous ways. On the street, do not drive at the curb. Usually there are bumps, holes and wells, which is likely to destroy the machine or roll over. Driving too near to the side of the street makes it that we are unpredictable, if we begin to steer clear of mentioned inequalities. Considerably safer to go straight, some lenght away from the curb, then suddenly veer riders under the wheels to get around a hole. In the event of an accident from the remnants of the bicycle we can to design your own bike and nothing more.

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