Encountering problems insulating your building on the outside? Think of insulation from the inside!

It happens that it is inaccessible to preserve your building from low temperatures externally, so carrying it out on the inside is the only solution. Such operation undertaken internally, however, is more hazardous than usual external insulation.

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There exist many factors that could make it problematic.

Experts believe that insulating walls from the inside is less constructive than warming them from the outside. However, there happen occasions when it can solely be executed internally. Insulation from the inside is infrequently used since it implies many difficulties. It is more complex and delicate than the warming of the house from the outside, known for many years, so conclusions were drawn from the mistakes made and a few ideas were recommended that get rid of most of them. The major difficulty in a structure insulated internally is that after such a procedure its construction (external walls, ceilings) is ubicated in the unprotected zone. When there is no warming, the entire wall has a significantly higher temperature (to our disadvantage, as to the elevated heating expenses) and only a small outside fragment is below 0 ° C. After applying the insulation internally, the temperature below 0 ° C will cover the greater depth of the wall, because the heat will cease running through it. That makes the wall significantly colder and more susceptible to low temperatures.

Providing insulation from the inside, the surfaces must first be protected against moisture. The penetration of water vapor arriving from inside the building into the center of the barrier is neutralized by vapor barrier with a properly selected diffusion resistance coefficient.
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