Still wondering about blind area during? I was also scared about reverse parking!

There are a lot of cars visible in our cities. And the number is constantly growing. Although the number of cars grows instantly, the number of free parking space increases rather slowly. Repeatedly, if we want to park your car, we need fit our car in a very narrow space. It is not uncommon that we have to park back or reverse auto into a parking area.

Prepared by: Mace Ojala
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May us as practicing that ability plenty of times during driving course. Most of us have to present that skill during the driving test. Personally, I do not know anyone that would feel confident and relaxed when reversing car. I also used to have this problem since I could remember. And this always made me feel terribly stressed. Theoretically, I knew how to conduct this. Practically, I was very worried that I would harm something or someone with my car. This fear terrified me so much that I even stopped doing reverse parking.

The thing that was even more scarry for me was that there is area called “blind area” right behind a car. Have you ever worried about it? That is an area that cannot be seen in a rearview mirror. Blind area cannot be directly watched from the car if you Are on a driver sit. You have to admit, it's rather creepy that you can’t see afield right behind your car. Field which may be crucial for parking your car safely.

Therefore, I have conducted my onw research. I have asked many colleagues and family members. Most of them have suggested me to buy parking sensors. They have told me that they are ultrasonic sensors that could alert me if there is an obstacle behind my car while I park. I need to admit – it is better than nothing. Nonetheless, I had huge doubt if I should buy it. Why? I often knew that there was obstacle behind a car. I frequently was aware if it was pretty close or still far away. What I wanted to have was something that could provide me with the precise info about how larg is the distance between the end of a car and the obstacle behind it.

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A few words about my adventure with rear view camera

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I was always fearful of the sitation when I tried to do reverse parking and I needed fit our car in extremely narrow space. Most of us as not only was practising this skill all the time during the driving course, but also had to present this maneuver when having the driving exam. I managed to pass it successfully but it didn’t change 1 thing – I often felt terribly stressed each time I needed to do reverse parking. This thing worried me so badly that I unconscious started to avoid reverse parking.
One day I was dropping home my colleague. When I was looking for a parking space next to his apartment, he quikcly noticed I was extremely scared that I had to do a reverse parking. However, he didn’t say a word back then.

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And then, during the Christmas holiday, I have received from my husband an unexpected but very useful present – a rear view camera for bmw. The model is not important at the moment – I couldn’t even remember that. What is relevant is that thanks to upgrade reverse camera bmw I am not afraid of reverse parking anymore!
2017/12/04, 09:47
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