A few words about my adventure with rear view camera

I was often nervous of the sitation when I wanted to do reverse parking and I needed fit our car in a very narrow space. Most of us as not only was training this ability all the time during the driving courses, but also had to perform this move when having the driving exam. I handled to pass this successfully but this didn’t change one thing – I often felt very frightened every time I anted to do reverse parking. That thing terrified me so much that I subconsciously stopped doing reverse parking.
Last month I was dropping home my friend. When I was looking for a parking space next to his house, he immediately realized I was extremely scared that I had to do a reverse parking. Nonetheless, he didn’t say anything then.

Prepared by: Andersen Pecorone
Taken from: http://www.flickr.com
Times was passing by and I forgot about that situation in my car. However, my colleague has an amazing memory. On my birthday I received from him… bmw reverse camera f30! The gift was accompanied with a nice postcard that said: “I am positive that you are going to enjoy driving much more, if you don’t trouble about a reverse parking so badly. Thanks to this camera you would see everything you want to see behind a car!”.

And guess what? He was right! I have been using that rear view camera f30 for 3 weeks now. And I adore that! In comparison with ordinary car mirrors, that camera enables to seemuch more and at better angle. I don’t have to worry no more that there is field known as “blind area” just in the back of the car. I can see everything I need to reverse harmlessly.

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