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I possess a driving licence for a long time. I love driving and I have always thought that I know it all about new trends in the area cars. A few years ago I have heard something about a backup camera. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really interested in that subject at that time. This is one of these moments when you think about it and you completely don’t get yourself - how could I hear about these cameras and forgot about this?

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A few years passed by and I had another chance to get familiar with those type of camera. I was travelling with my colleague when I noticed that he uses oem bmw reverse camera. Fortunately, this time I started to be interested about that. I started to throw questions and he did tell me about his experience with backup camera. It is really attractive. Many people have it in their cars. I believe that in a few years it is going to be a standard in every car. I believe that because of 2 reasons I will describe very shortly in the text below.

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In time of past decade we could notice much more individuals with tattoos in the neighborhood. Young citizens more frequent are selecting colorful designs on their bodies, and they're placing it also on necks or shoulders.

Firstly, it improves safety. But not only yours - also passengers as well as pedestrians. As a result of that kind of camera you could drive safer. The camera I have seen was bmw rear view camera retrofit. I was able to see on my own eyes how hugely such camera supports function of traditional car mirrors. Thanks to that, driver are able to see all behind his car. It enables to entirely eliminate a blind area. I believe that every driver understands why it makes driving so much safer when we don’t have to bother about blind area anymore.

Secondly, I was observing my colleague using backup camera while reversing his car into a parking place. He seemd to feel so far more comfortable than driver counting just on standard mirrors. Nonetheless, the reason pretty obvious – as I already mentioned above – there is no need to worry blind area anymore.

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Thus, I would significantly encourage you to try and check how those cameras function. I believe that reading about it is not very convincing. Nonetheless, once you see how much more convenient this is to reverse a car into a parking place with a reverse camera, you would like to own it in your car too. I am conviced that 1 of your family members would be happy to present you how their camera works.
2018/10/11, 07:18
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