Safety and a appropriate management of modern computers – handy information and interesting devices.

In Western and in Central European countries more and more companies care about data safety. Many procedures were created to prevent this significant information from stealing and unauthorized use. The Europeans have become very aware of the ways of monitoring they personal computers.
Prepared by: Rainer Stropek
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Every personal computer user know what kind of thing is an ordinary browser, a fine antivirus or a clear mailbox secured by complicated password, but it is still a lot to do in field of fine computer and IT education. A significant thing is server monitoring and ways that we may managed our computer. It is important to know what programs we have and how many of them we use on our electronic devices. If we have a personal computer for many years and we have used it for a various activities and work or if it is a device that we share with others we cannot be 100% sure that everything in it is needed and secuire.

For server monitoring we may use monitoring tools, which could help us get the information which is necessary to test the whole infrastructure of our device, the things like transfer of important data, be aware of possible problems, check applications. We can use server monitoring in home server and in cloud servers. It is a very comfortable device especially in reality full of different apps. Some of them are very handy and serious, however some are made just to search for our personal data in inappropriate way (and if we have got an ordinary flashlight app which want from us an access to significant parts of memory of your devices it is probably a digital trap).

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How to beprotected in the Web – information for individual users and organsations

Prepared by: CTEP AmeriCorps
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IT protection is very important in the modern world. Nowadays we have computer not only for work, however also for fun, a large number of us interact with it more than 12 hours a day. Computers, Smartfones, Smartwaches all of these amazing thingsw are related with the Internet and highly sophisticated , besides they are full of data. Privacy in the Internet is very important, but it is also very valuable in the other meaning. The information about our needs is very significant for big corporations who want to know what we want to or like to purchase.

We can have got also full network monitoring, just for our safety in the Web. Server monitoring tools may even dismis false warnings from your system (all of these tools are naturally fully compatible with all IT-tools such as mobiles, personal computers, tablet computers and so one). Many of them can not only safe your databases, but as well your social life.

Prepared by: JaxStrong
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In conclusion it is significant to secure your devices and your databases and naturally have a complete control on them. Without appropriate monitoring and management of computers and data we may easily lost ourselves in flood of information, furthermore we could be victims of cyber attacks.
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