Industry is a powerful branch of economy where thousands of individuals posses jobs.

The article will concentrate on production and its location in towns and states. Manufacturing is an influential branch of economy where thousands of individuals posses jobs. However, it is very important to select a perfect place to not bother people in their daily life and do not damage them. The reasons were elementary while making original places for productions – named unusual trade and industry zones.

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The special economic zones are located mainly in the suburbs of big towns or agglomerations. In the area is able to be run even the most dangerous manufacturing and no one will suffer from the noise, poisoned atmosphere and non-stop driving trucks.

Unusual economic zones– called in short SSE are placed international. You are able to notice them in China, Indie, Iran, Jordanian, Poland, Russia and more. Moreover, the special regions are established in countries which are poor as well as wealthy. The zones are able to bring incomes to the state and create plenty novel work areas.

Every business and its location posses its benefit and drawbacks. There will be described some drawback and positive sides of having industry in a special economic zone.

Several benefits of being a member of special trade and industry region are:
- Bussinesses do not have to pay any kinds of duties
- The place of the specialzones, is in very appropriate areas, close to highways and includes big parking space
- In case of crisis and good success of the specialzone, regional organizations can give their help

The disadvantages of running industry in the SSE are:
- The bussiness must be run from three to 5 years in the SSE- it is able to be difficult in times of crisis to keep the business and do not run up a debt.
- You must pay rent for the surface you make a use of – in crisis it can be a great minus for your industry.

SSE is not suitable for all businesses. Some corporations cannot be run here.
Unusual trade and industry regions were a great discovery because individuals need the kinds of productions and they do not want to have them near their neighborhoods. The described regions are perfect for big corporations which want to become more influential and would like to manufacture more.
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