pharmaceutical repackaging
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Nice employment in pharmaceutical company

Polish people are much richer since Poland became member of EU. In time of last decade plenty of international corporations opened their agencies in here.
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Objectivity - the best IT service for the company

Nowadays it is difficult for us to imagine existence without mobile phones and laptops. We are using internet wherever we are, it's very helpful in plenty of occasions.
fuel from plastic
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Recycling - the best way to save our planet

Last decade on the planet was the time, when most of the people at least realize, that mankind is ruining globe. Fortunately many of wise scientists discover a lot of ways which are aiding us to invert entire process, like natural sources of fuels and different stuff like that.
Czech Republic
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Some sort of devices used in underground mining

Many employees who duty underground are the specific type of workers. They operate in locations where sunlight rays do not achieve and in locations where something bad may occur whenever they work.
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From where each mobile applications came from?

Right now, almost each adult person in our country has smart phone. Nothing weird in that, because companies, which are offering contracts for telecom, are selling us brand new models for a song.
gost r
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Remember about different crucial formalities when choosing export to Russian market

A lot of firms consider selling on Russian market. Definitely, this is most probably a very good decision as this market is 1 of the faster growing markets in the whole world.

Remember about different crucial formalities when choosing export to Russian market

While many Russian citizens start to be richer and the middle class appears, they start to search for different products and services, which they were not able to afford several years before.
gost Russia
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Wanna export to new markets? Make sure you have needed certificates!

Markets of our eastern neighbours are starting to be more and more attractive. Especially when it comes to is Russian market. Why? Russina citizens are getting richer.
patent attorney poland
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Becoming a patent attorney: what should be the crucial characteristics?

Many people consider their careers while studying. There are some students who are eager to learn in many fields – from exact sciences to working with people and helping them.

How to obtain a patent for an invention and who can be of help?

Nowadays, when men come up with new things and solutions in almost every area of life, it is important to prove that this particular machine was first created by this inventor.
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Exactly how we can produce heat in our houses without spending a lot of money?

We all understands that winter is very hard and challenging part of the calendar year. Throughout this period of time, we are exposed to impact of low temperature ranges which in many cases can be harmful.
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