car equipment
Prepared by: Marcus Balcher
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You will not guess what car gadget I found

I have a driving licence for a long time. I like driving and I have always thought that I know everything about newest technology in the area cars. Long time ago I have watched a document about a rear view camera. Unluckily, I wasn’t really interested in that subject at that time. It is 1 of these moments when you look back and you completely don’t understand yourself - how could I hear about these cameras and forgot about this?
innovative technology
Prepared by: Iwan Gabovitch
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Nowadays I know that driving a car might be fun if you use the newste technology!

Last week I have had an opportunity to drive a vehicle which belongs to a cousin. I never drive. I passed a driving licence. Nevertheless, I have never bought a car. I simply didn’t find that funny or worth. I always rather considered it as some kind of duty, not as activity which can give also a pleasure. Not long ago, just after this ride, I totally changed my opinion! These days, I am sure that it could be an amazing time. I presumably changed my opinion thanks to the two things I was using during a drive.
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